Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Seoul

In spite of being at war with North Korea, South Korea is probably the safe spot to visit on the planet. Albeit no harmony settlement has been made between the two nations, the trips to South Korea are in every case loaded with explorers in light of the fact that there is no danger in the nation.

There is no shortage of spots to visit in South Korea so you can settle on the same number of spots as you need. However, ensure that you visit Juju Island, Boseong, Gyeongju, Chuncheon, and Suwon to give some examples.

Seoul has numerous sanctuaries and four significant castles, for example, Gyeongbokgung, one of the most popular. The city offers numerous other social and top attractions, for example, the Museum of Art, which highlights customary porcelain, material, and gems displays, as verified by Former’s.

Find the best activities in this energizing city with our list of the top vacation destinations in Seoul. Here are prettiest places and popular attractions to visit in Seoul:

1. N Seoul Tower 

In case you're searching for the top spot to visit in Seoul, they don't get substantially more "top" than this. The N Seoul The tower is situated on Mt. It's really a correspondence and perception tower, however in the course of the most recent couple of years, it's gotten one of the most significant and commended locales in the city. Go to the top and appreciate the perspectives. Now and again, the most ideal approach to investigate a city is to see it high up and away off so you can get a thought of the scale, and this pinnacle offers the best spot in the city to do only that. Subsequently, go down to see a film or a show in the social space, or simply get a table at the upscale eateries there and appreciate an incredible supper.  Seoul breaks a lot of world records and this influences how they fabricate things and what they appreciate.

Everland is the biggest open-air amusement park in South Korea and has five zones of rides and attractions. This incorporates the world's steepest wooden exciting ride and South Korea's just Safari, so come anticipating a few rushes.  Get there early in light of the fact that there's a great deal to do and you'll require the entire day to fit it all in. On the off chance that you love thrill rides, ensure you ride the world's tallest wooden liner and be set up to shout your lungs out en route! 

2. The Cheonggyecheon Stream 

Seoul is a bustling present-day city and in some cases it's ideal to escape from the groups and contamination and appreciate a touch of nature. What's more, that is actually what this stream is for. Local people frequently visit on blistering summer days and invest energy sitting in the shade and dunking their feet in the water, and you can do a similar when you need a little break.

Walk down to the stream and simply invest some energy unwinding. The stream resembles a little desert spring in the city, so set aside the effort to back off and rest. You can likewise walk the length of the stream in case you're feeling vigorous and visit nearby attractions en route. 

3. Lotte World

Lotte World is tremendous. It incorporates both an indoor and open-air event congregation and there is additionally a lodging, an aquarium, extravagance boutiques, a water park, and a mall on location! Thus, regardless of whether you become weary of the rides, you can generally sneak out and get dinner or a deal before coming back to the Lotte fun!

Take the children, or companions, and simply appreciate the carnival. The rides and attractions are the absolute best you'll ever observe and it's well worth taking a whole day in this park to absorb everything. Ensure you attempt the Desperados game, the Dragons Wild Shooting match-up, and the Comet Express rollercoaster for greatest fun and rushes! It's effectively an unquestionable requirement visit in Seoul if just to feel like a child once more.

4. Myeongdong 

The ladies of Seoul look stunning. They're in every case flawlessly dressed and have perfect make-up, and this zone is the reason. Myeongdong is an entire shopping region committed to each corrective store and brand you would ever need. Along these lines, regardless of what kind of skin you have or what make-up look you need, you'll have the option to locate the correct items here.

 This is the most acclaimed place in Seoul for shopping and there are constantly plenty of extraordinary arrangements and offer around there so maintain your eyes open and exploit them. A lot of shops additionally offer free examples, so don't be hesitant to attempt a brand you've never known about! This is an outing generally for the young ladies, so leave the folks at home and take your closest companions in the interest of personal entertainment. 

5. Gyeongbokgung 

This royal residence is regularly contrasted with the Forbidden City in Beijing and is a Seoul must-see. It was the primary illustrious castle of the Joseon family, who administered Korea for a long time. The royal residence was for the most part crushed by Imperial Japan during the mid-twentieth century yet over the next years, it has been fastidiously reestablished. It is currently viewed as one of the most lovely royal residences on the planet, which is the reason it's probably the best spot to visit in Seoul. There are heaps of spots in the city where you can employ a hanbok – a conventional Korean dress. In the event that you turn up at the royal residence wearing it, they'll let you in for nothing. Besides that, simply investigate the site. Additionally, ensure you appear to see the changing of the gatekeeper or the Gwanghwamun Gate Guard-on-Duty Performance. It is possible that one occurs somewhere consistently on consistently aside from Tuesday and it's an extremely fun thing to find in Seoul.

6. The War Memorial of Korea 

There are more than 13,000 bits of military gear and memorabilia at the Korean war dedication, set on the grounds of the previous armed force central command of Korea. The attention is on the Korean and Vietnam war and this isn't the sort of gallery where you simply remain back and look. The showcases are intended to be contacted and felt, to give guests a superior thought of what the wars were truly similar to.

There's a great deal to see at this remembrance so ensure you set aside a couple of hours. The Combat Experience Room is especially intriguing and utilizes varying media impacts to encompass you with the sounds, sights, and scents of the front line. Outback, the lines of tanks and substantial ordnance are spread out like a metal petting zoo, and in case you're keen on this sort of hardware, you'll have an astounding time investigating everything. 

7. Jogyesa Korean Buddhist Temple 

Sometimes there's in no way like investigating a sanctuary that is still being used in the present day on the off chance that you need to comprehend a culture better. Furthermore, this sanctuary in Seoul's skyscraper area is probably the best spot in the city to become familiar with its kin. This Zen Buddhist sanctuary is in every case loaded with local people and vacationers, which makes it an energizing, just as an intriguing spot to individuals, watch, and invest some quality energy.

Spend some time simply watching the out of this world and go on their ordinary business. Also, when you're set, investigate the compound itself. The trees around there are clearly more than 500 years of age and they're hung with pennants and decorations in splendid hues to make them look much progressively stupendous! This all joins to make this sanctuary one of the top spots to visit in Seoul if just for a fast insightful contemplation. 

8. The Jongmyo Shrine 

This is one of the most well-known tourist spots in Seoul and it's additionally perhaps the most ideal approach to find out about its old conventions. If you go to the holy place on Saturday then you can investigate all alone. Some other day with the exception of Tuesday when the hallowed place is shut, you should join a guided visit. There are visits in English each couple of hours. While you're there, ensure that you focus. You'll find out about antiquated traditions, music, and even about dedication administrations during your visit, so it merits focusing.  This place of worship is the most well-known fascination in Seoul and it's a UNESCO Heritage site; the ideal route for you to get familiar with the historical backdrop of the city. 

9. Namdaemun Market 

While you're in Myeongdong searching for beauty care products, temporary re-route to close by Namdaemun advertises for a deal. This is a conventional market that sells nearly everything including garments, embellishments, sacks, kitchenware, materials, and nourishment. Also, the costs are incredible, which is the reason local people go there to shop. 

If you have something explicit to purchase, look at what's on offer and afterward watch local people individuals purchase their products for tips. What's more, regardless of whether you don't need anything explicit, odds are that you'll discover something fascinating to bring home while you're meandering around the market. It's an incredible spot to go to locate some progressively credible inclination shopping in Seoul. 

10. Hongdae 

The regions around colleges in many urban communities are reference points for mainstream restaurants and evil nightlife and Seoul is the same. One of the most esteemed in the city, this territory pulls in understudies, local people, and travelers who appreciate the best and most in vogue shopping and eating in the city.

This is a territory that truly wakes up around evening time, so spare it for a night when you don't have a lot to do. Discover someplace to eat, in light of the fact that this is probably the best spot to eat in Seoul, and afterward go out on the town to shop. There is a scope of attire slows down and shops selling vintage products so take as much time as is needed and see what's accessible. Also, on the off chance that you appreciate clubbing, you'll discover loads of various alternatives here.

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